Actual problems of legal regulation of local self-government

Identification of local issues as the subject matter of local government bodies
Sultanov E.B., Teplyakov I.I.

Constitutional (statutory) courts of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation as a guarantor of the implementation of the principle of separation of powers in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation
Sipatin A.V.

Public law education as a subject corporate responsibility
Cherkasova O.V.

The examples of voluntary violation and forced violation of the law on protection of competition in the activities of self-local governments
Kabanova I.E.

Features of the commitment model due to harm by illegal acts of public authority
Chornovol E.P.

Civil legislation of the russian empire in the conditions of social transformation of society in the second half of the XIX – early XX century
Zubarev M.V.

Method of carrying out the examination of the execution of a contract in accordance with 44-FL
Mityushkin R.A., Sheyko V.V.

Compensation of social risk of personality: municipal level social support
Istomina E.A.

Labor relations and the implementation of other work of state civil servants in the Russian Federation
Bryukhina E.R.

Problems of qualification of administrative offenses in the field of taxes and fees as sources of local incomes
Lapo S.A., Sidorov I.V.

Criminal responsibility issues for a small battle by persons taking public positions and municipal service Russian Federation
Grishin D.A.

Peculiarities of legal regulation of the status of judges of constitutional (statutory) courts of subjects of the Russian Federation
Sipatin A.V.

Organizational-legal questions of tutorship as necessary element of state civil and municipal services (the federal and regional experience)
Garipov R.S., Shaykhatdinov V.Sh.

Actual problems of pension provision for municipal employees
Istomina E.A.

Peculiarities of implementation of the law of the legislative initiative in the subjects of the Russian Federation
Morozova A.S.

Peculiarities of formation of the modern local government model: historical and legal aspect
Yelkina A.V., Plahtiy E.V.

Some issues of remuneration of municipal employees
Kozina E.V.

Restrictions on the freedom of the parties to discuss the terms of the employment contract with the municipal employee
Zhiltsova Yu.V., Kozina E.V.

Coordination norms in the legislation of european countries ο local government
Maksurov A.A.

The right of municipal deputies to appeal
Karasev A.T., Savoskin A.V.

Potential of the constitutional right of citizens to appeal in improving the legal status of municipal deputies
Metsheryagina V.A.

A comparative legal analysis of the consequences of disposal in the absence of authority or consent of a third person, a body of a legal entity or a municipal body
Budnetskii N.S.

Competence of local authorities in the field of use of natural resources in the Republic of Belarus
Minko N.S., Yurashevich N.M.

Collective actors in social partnership on state civil and municipal service
Nushtaykina K.V.

Collective actors in social partnership on state civil and municipal service
Ivanchina Yu.V.

Improvement of document reference in crafts management of municipal authorities
Mogzoev A.M., Ozhigov M.A.

The legal consequences of the antimonopoly violations requirements for the provision and use of state and municipal preferences
Chornovol E.P.

Local self-government in the works of russian scientists-lawyers of the pre-revolution period
Vydrin I.V.

Compliance with international legal standards for co-operation of corruption in the activities of local self-government bodies of the Russian Federation
Efremenkova D.A.

Conventional civil rights of Russia in the soviet and modern russian historiography
Aminov A.R., Taraborin R.S.

State and municipal administrative legal acts in the mechanism of civil legal regulation of contractual relations
Kazantsev M.F.

Issues of criminal liability and release from responsibility for the cottage of business to persons involved in the state and municipal service of the Russian Federation
Grishin D.A., Sabanin S.N.

The manifestation of the functions of labor law in the process of passing the municipal service (for example the guarantee and security function)
Ivanchina Yu.V.

Comparative legal analysis of responsibility for violations of legislation on taxes and fees as sources of local budget revenues
Lapo S.A., Sidorov I.V.

Ethnic juridical anti-culture: definition, signs and the premises of formation at the municipal and regional levels
Kuz’mina N.V.

Education of municipal employees
Bulavina D.V., Nesmeyanova S.E.

Local self-government bodies as legal entities: legal regulation problems
Burlaka C.N., Vilacheva M.N.

Statement of the functions of labor law in the process of passing the municipal service (for example, the function of administration (management) and social peace)
Ivanchina Yu.V.

Social security guarantees to the municipal service: topical issues of implementation
Istomina E.A.

On necessity of improvement of the system of state management in the sphere of culture at the level of regions and municipalities
Burlaka C.N., Vilacheva M.N.

Key performance indicators (KPI) of activity of municipal employees: peculiarities, legal frameworks and examples of construction
Ruchkin A.V.

Improving the efficiency of property tax administration: the example of territorial authorities of the federal tax service in Sverdlovsk oblast
Kirienko I.S.

Main directions in the development of public-private partnership legislation and its application practice
Istomin V.G.

XV All-Russia Forum «Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: Building Alignment through Dialogue»

Problems of local governments’ powers realization in the area of taxes
Vasilyeva N.V.

Shine and poverty of strategic planning in the formula of Federal law of 28 June 2014 №172-FL
Kirillov L.G.

Coordination as a method of the state and municipal administration (on the example of legislation of Islands Guernsey and Jersey)
Maksurov A.A.

The charter of Yekaterinburg in the system of municipal legal acts
Vydrin I.V.

Some problems of providing an effective structure of local government based on principles of constitutionalism
Morozova A.S.

Features of realization of the public authority to the administrative liability of local governments (on the example of municipal authorities in the Sverdlovsk region)
Aliev F.A., Teplyakov I.I.

Municipal control of police: current status and prospects
Gizdatov A.R., Gusev A.V.