Social aspects of the development of the municipality

Cognitive marketing concept: genesis and management perspectives
Gaidai V.O.

Assessment of the municipality socio-economic development strategic planning institution in the light of urban creative space development
Azarenkov L.S., Makarycheva V.D.

The influence of public and municipal management «privatization» on the quality of public services (exemplified by the utilities sector)
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Housing preferences of citizens in Ekaterinburg
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The role of municipal administration in the reformation of social time of the elderly contingent of muscovites
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Modular-rating system in state and municipal higher educational institution: theory and practice of USLU, UGMA, UIU (f) of RANEPA
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Managing development of children in the system of additional education in the regional context
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Management of accessibility and quality of health care to population
Voskolovitch N.A.

Potentialities for organizing interaction between hospitality parties to increase tourist attractiveness of the region (as exemplified in the sociological study on interaction between social communion of guests and hotel employees of Yekaterinburg)
Zayakin S.V., Ramzina S.A.

Specificity of information-consulting activity of municipal libraries
Prokaeva O.N., Rezonova V.M.

The experience of organizing a festival of korean popular culture in the organization of the sphere of culture on the basis of project management
Azarenkov L.S., Shtyrkova O.A.

The features of media influence on state policy and local government
Zaitseva Ye.M.

Аnalysis of the independent quality evaluation of cultural organizations on the local government
Sapoznikov E.S.

On the approach to assessing the effectiveness of social partnership in local governments
Samkov K.N.

Local government reform in Nizhny Novgorod region: issues and solutions
Eregina A.G.