Economic problems of local self-government

Healthcare facility finance management
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Economic assessment and development of the K2 and K3 coefficients values taken into account in calculating rental payment for land plots in the city of Chelyabinsk
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Consumer behavior of the youth: new trends (research in Ekaterinburg Universities)
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On the history of local self-governance: from the committees of local self-governance in moscow to the modern self-governance
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Initiative budget as an innovative approach to the fulfillment of the budgets of public-legal education
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About innovative corporate governance in municipal formation
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Assessment of project management maturity level in the public authorities and local self-governments in the Russian Federation
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Sustainability management of public investment projects (exemplified by of the reconstruction project of the central stadium in Yekaterinburg)
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The introduction of program-target management in the municipal unitary enterprises (as exemplified by Barnaul)
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Assessment financial dependence of local budgets in budgetary constraints
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Main features of management and budget funding of the preschool educational institutions in the municipality (on the example the Uralsky settlement)
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Financial mechanism for major repairs as a key element of apartment fund reproduction in the municipalities of the Altai region
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Professionalism of the customer as a necessary condition for the optimization of the state and municipal procurement
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Trends of the joint and centralized procurement by municipal customers: analysis of applicable law and prospects
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Features of disaggregation of municipal institution’s performance indicators into indicators of effective contract
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Problems of local government revenue mobilization into the local budget from privatization and rent of municipal property (at the example of Sosvinsky city district)
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Implementation of the project inter-municipal cooperation: review russian and foreign practice
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Adapting three-dimensional schemes Abel matrix approach to managing financial-investment resources municipalities
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The role of regional budget in budget balance management in municipalities (the example of Nizhny Novgorod region)
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Special powers of local governments in the bankruptcy case: characteristics and practice on the implementation of the materials of the Urals district
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Quality and accessibility of measures of social support provision on the payment of housing and communal services at local level
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International Features of Leading Cities of Ukraine (on the Example of Dnepropetrovsk)
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Experience of Formation of Municipal Programs and Program Budgets of Urban Districts
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On The Problem of Strategic Development of Small Areas (On The Example Of The Municipality "Troitsk" Chelyabinsk Region)
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Approaches to Methodologies for Assessment of Economic Efficiency of State (Municipal) Institutions in the Conditions of Reforming The Budget Sector
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Municipal experience of social projects realization
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Peculiarities of contract system implementation in municipal entities of the RF
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On efficiency evaluation of the land committee of the city administration (exemplified by the administration of Ekaterinburg city)
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Implementation peculiarities of a new reward system in health care organizations in rural area of Sverdlovsk region
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Education management in accordance with job performance results in municipal comprehensive schools: theoretical and practical aspects
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Local self-government formation and municipal reform in Russia in post-soviet period
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Budget sector reform implementation as an indicator of the socio-economic development of the municipal institutions in the Sverdlovsk region
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Financial security problems of municipal entities of the residential type (based on Chelyabinsk region)
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Regional and municipal development program of consumer markets: in search of consensus
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Financial-economic empowerment of rural settlements
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Local budgets of rural settlements of the Volgograd region: trends and expenses optimization methods
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Delegation of authority of settlements: the problem of financing
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The problems of reliance on subventions of the Sverdlovsk region municipal units
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Possibilities of profit growth rate of municipal formations
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Business development in the towns of Sverdlovsk oblast in the modern period
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Tourism as a factor of municipal formation development
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external factors of the regions’ urban districts development in terms of local government reforming
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Implementation of the principles for the local government expenditure obligations management in the structure of expenditures from local budgets of russia
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