The theoretical basis for the development of municipal economy and local government

Financial awareness as a condition for rational consumer behavior
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Customer-oriented approach to municipal services
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Theoretical foundations of the development of the municipal economy and local self-government
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To the development problem of municipal district’s workforce in Vladimir region
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Substantiation of ways to increase the attractiveness of municipal service in rural settlements
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Land Property: From state control to full privatization: where to draw the line?
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Theoretical and applied aspects of analysis of metropolitan areas in Russia
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Participation of small businesses in procurement for the needs of municipalities and regions
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Problems and prospects of competitive process with staff forming at the local administrations
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Urban agglomerations of Russia: from natural to targeted development
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Modern tools of management and marketing in municipal management
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Theoretical aspects and specific of strategic marketing management of area development
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Analysis of the application of the of concession agreements in the local government practice
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State housing supervision and control of municipal housing: theory, practice and problems of interaction
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Comprehensive approach to the efficiency estimation of the small business support of municipal
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Requirements for sustainable commercial areas
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Territorial Organization of Local Government Trends in the Russian Regions And Abroad
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Reforming Local Government to Search for New Opportunities Community Development
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Control of External Effects and Renovation Territories in Residential Areas of Old Industrial City
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Municipal Marketing in Management of The Territory Development
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Problems of Appointment the Head of the Local Administration Under Contract in Rezhevsky District
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Experiences to Share? The Transformation and Regeneration of the Two Former Mining Regions Ruhrgebiet and Erzgebirge in Germany
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Functionality principle in regulating territorial economic development
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The conceptual bases of self-governance financial sources in the Azerbaijan Republic
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Conceptual model of leveling institutional gaps of multi profile territories
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Factors affecting the allocation of state support for mono cities development
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Territorial brending of a municipal entity: searching cultural symbolic attributes (exemplified by the municipal entity “Pervouralsk city”)
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Interactive models of national, sub-national and local government in a foreign scientific idea of federalism
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Is Russia on the brick of just another reform?
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Cooperation of local self-government and mass-media
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Theoretical aspects of status responsibility of a municipal servant
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Participatory Budgeting and its Diversity
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The russian experience of open budget formation: challenges and perspectives
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The evolution of local government in Russia: results, problems and prospects
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Managing the territorial development system: regions and municipalities
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Innovative development of the municipality
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