Current trends of socio-economic development of municipalities

Project management as a tool of training managers for the municipal field of culture
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Retrospective economy: have the industrial regions of Russia overcome consequences of the «unrecognized» 2014 economic crisis?
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Socio-economic quality indicators of the local self-government representative body activity
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Human resources management system analysis at «MMK-Informservice» LLC
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The use of digital technologies in the field of social support of eligible beneficiaries at federal, regional and municipal levels
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From the strategy of municipal education to the plan of its implementation
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Integral approach to the definition of territorial monofunctionality
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The directions of social and economic development intensification of municipalities, using noncommercial concession
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Administration of urban development as a part of cultural policy
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Managing balancing of budgets of municipal areas
Voronina L.P.

Directions and problems of the development of monoprophilic municipal formations (on the example of the monogorodes of the Vladimir region)
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Development of environmental education in the field of handling with dangerous waste on the example of Ekaterinburg
Yansybaeva E.V.

Role of big Ukrainian cities in international relations’ support
Savchuk I.G.

Territory of outrunning socioeconomic development of Sverdlovsk region
Pobedin A.A.

Assessment of the mono-specialization level impact on the single-industry town’s competitiveness
Manaeva I.V.

Municipal-private partnership as a tool of business development in the Russian cities (as exemplified by Yekaterinburg)
Akyulov R.I.

On the need for a differentiated approach to the assessment of regions and municipalities’ energy efficiency
Belova T.D.

Intermunicipal cooperation in the RF: experience of an economic-statistical analysis
Turgel I.D.

Methodological recommendations on improving the system of strategic planning of social-economic development of large municipal entities in the RF
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“Municipal standard” as a tool for promotion of investing attractiveness of a municipal entity
Begunova O.V.

Development strategy of consumer markets of big cities: priorities, mechanisms, coordination
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The choice of development priorities of regional industry in terms of municipal units
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Strategizing socio-economic development of rural areas
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Problems of regulating consumer market development in municipal units (exemplified by Ekaterinburg city)
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Developing parental competencies of the youth as a direction of socio-economic policy of municipal entities of the Sverdlovsk region
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The religious field: an attempt at sociological reconstruction of Ekaterinburg
Barazgova E.S.