Issue #3(28) ноябрь month 2019 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 18 November 2019г.

Conversation with an interesting person  All articles in the headings

“Efficient performance of the municipal government requires clearly defined functions and powers”: interview with A. M. Chernetsky
Vydrin I.V. 51

Actual problems of legal regulation of local self-government  All articles in the headings

Yurchenko N.A. , Ruchkin A.V. 42

Constitutional and legal founations of interaction between public authorities and local government in the Russian Federation: System research experience
Sukhodolskiy G.M. 33

Genesis and development of public government in the soviet legal science
Teplyakov I.I. 46

Models of transition to the competitive system of mayor election: experience of municipalities of the Sverdlovsk region
Mikhametov R.S. , Pozdnyakova Yu.A. 38

Intellectual property evolution and correlation between public law and intellectual activity results
Gavryushkin S.N. 40

Economic problems of local self-government  All articles in the headings

Healthcare facility finance management
Voronina L.P. 40

Economic assessment and development of the K2 and K3 coefficients values taken into account in calculating rental payment for land plots in the city of Chelyabinsk
Dubynina A.V. , Khlestova K.S. , Maksimova T.V. 43

Consumer behavior of the youth: new trends (research in Ekaterinburg Universities)
Zhuravleva L.A. , Zarubina E.V. , Kruzhkova T.I. , Rushickaya O.E. 33

Management of socio-economic development of municipalities  All articles in the headings

Assessing the influence of municipal and territorial transformations on municipal administration efficiency
Ibraimov N.S. 26

Analysis of the use of non-delimited lands in the city of Ekaterinburg
Vashukevich N.V. , Staritsyna I.A. 14