Issue #2(23) июнь month 2018 year.

The theoretical basis for the development of municipal economy and local government  All articles in the headings

Institutional organization of local self-government bodies under the conditions of the russian municipal reform
Serova N.A. 648

The history of creation and development prospects of settlement teploozersk in the Jewish autonomous oblast
Mishchuk S.N. , Petrenko R.E. 2052

Customer-oriented approach to municipal services
Leonteva V.V. 1043

Process approach to the organization of activities of local governments in the provision of municipal services
Kostina S.N. , Kukartseva M.V. 565

Current trends of socio-economic development of municipalities  All articles in the headings

From the strategy of municipal education to the plan of its implementation
Lapygin Yu.N. , Tulinova D.V. 673

Integral approach to the definition of territorial monofunctionality
Zinovieva V.V. , Pobedin A.A. , Fedulov D.V. 465

The directions of social and economic development intensification of municipalities, using noncommercial concession
Orlov E.V. 529

Administration of urban development as a part of cultural policy
Morozova T.A. , Seliverstova I.G. 498

Managing balancing of budgets of municipal areas
Voronina L.P. 617

Sociology of local communities  All articles in the headings

Passing results of introduction of the system of certificates of additional education in the example of Surgut and Yugorsk
Donskikh S.S. 307

Life priorities and valuable components of the youth of Nizhny Novgorod
Rostovskaya T.K. , Saralieva Z.Kh. 284

Comparative analysis, the popular youth online-communities: national rating and local rating for russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg
Sukhanova A.Sh. 354

Actual problems of legal regulation of local self-government  All articles in the headings

Peculiarities of implementation of the law of the legislative initiative in the subjects of the Russian Federation
Morozova A.S. 344

Peculiarities of formation of the modern local government model: historical and legal aspect
Yelkina A.V. , Plahtiy E.V. 333

Some issues of remuneration of municipal employees
Kozina E.V. 398

Restrictions on the freedom of the parties to discuss the terms of the employment contract with the municipal employee
Zhiltsova Yu.V. , Kozina E.V. 345