Issue #1(22) март month 2018 year.

The theoretical basis for the development of municipal economy and local government  All articles in the headings

Theoretical foundations of the development of the municipal economy and local self-government
Gorb V.G. 8600

Municipal financial control: glassness problems
Kulkova I.A. , Sharin V.I. 1231

Social aspects of the development of the municipality  All articles in the headings

Management of accessibility and quality of health care to population
Voskolovitch N.A. 924

Potentialities for organizing interaction between hospitality parties to increase tourist attractiveness of the region (as exemplified in the sociological study on interaction between social communion of guests and hotel employees of Yekaterinburg)
Zayakin S.V. , Ramzina S.A. 830

Specificity of information-consulting activity of municipal libraries
Prokaeva O.N. , Rezonova V.M. 858

The experience of organizing a festival of korean popular culture in the organization of the sphere of culture on the basis of project management
Azarenkov L.S. , Shtyrkova O.A. 1066

Actual problems of legal regulation of local self-government  All articles in the headings

Coordination norms in the legislation of european countries ο local government
Maksurov A.A. 839

The right of municipal deputies to appeal
Karasev A.T. , Savoskin A.V. 936

Potential of the constitutional right of citizens to appeal in improving the legal status of municipal deputies
Metsheryagina V.A. 840

A comparative legal analysis of the consequences of disposal in the absence of authority or consent of a third person, a body of a legal entity or a municipal body
Budnetskii N.S. 559

Competence of local authorities in the field of use of natural resources in the Republic of Belarus
Minko N.S. , Yurashevich N.M. 568

Collective actors in social partnership on state civil and municipal service
Nushtaykina K.V. 545

Collective actors in social partnership on state civil and municipal service
Ivanchina Yu.V. 616

Improvement of document reference in crafts management of municipal authorities
Mogzoev A.M. , Ozhigov M.A. 1383

The legal consequences of the antimonopoly violations requirements for the provision and use of state and municipal preferences
Chornovol E.P. 578