Issue #4(21) декабрь month 2017 year.

Theory and methodology of spatial development control  All articles in the headings

Role of communications in spatial development management
Zheglova Yu.G. 1193

Evaluation of marketing potential of the territory as a basis of sustainable development of the region on the example of the Sverdlovsk region
Durandina O.A. , Kulikova E.S. 1759

Territorial marketing as a tool for managing socio-economic development of a city
Popova O.I. , Teslenko I.V. , Timokhina G.S. 4539

Cultural brand of the Republic of Mordovia as a project strategy for the development of the territory
Abushkin R.R. , Pronina I.N. 1683

Branding technologies in the promotion of the company and the region (on the example of the Republic of Mordovia) in a municipal context
Vinnik U.A. , Sirotina I.L. , Fadina N.V. 1102

Investment attractiveness of the regions of the finno-ugric group in the context of municipalities
Kolchina N.O. , Leonenko E.A. 1416

Ecological marketing as an element of regional and municipal security
Porotnikov P.A. 1606

Current trends and problems of the municipal economy  All articles in the headings

Sustainable development of monocities territories of the region: investigation of opportunities and perspectives
Kuzminova A.L. , Khlestova K.S. 1652

The main factors containing development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation (on the example of the CITY Naberezhnye Chelny)
Bosykh I.V. , Latypov R.T. , Ruchkin A.V. 4054

The role of state guarantees in development of territories of Chelyabinsk region: municipal section
Akyulov R.I. , Alferyev K.A. 906

Actual problems of legal regulation of local self-government  All articles in the headings

Local self-government in the works of russian scientists-lawyers of the pre-revolution period
Vydrin I.V. 1962

Compliance with international legal standards for co-operation of corruption in the activities of local self-government bodies of the Russian Federation
Efremenkova D.A. 865

Conventional civil rights of Russia in the soviet and modern russian historiography
Aminov A.R. , Taraborin R.S. 944

State and municipal administrative legal acts in the mechanism of civil legal regulation of contractual relations
Kazantsev M.F. 877

Issues of criminal liability and release from responsibility for the cottage of business to persons involved in the state and municipal service of the Russian Federation
Grishin D.A. , Sabanin S.N. 1147

The manifestation of the functions of labor law in the process of passing the municipal service (for example the guarantee and security function)
Ivanchina Yu.V. 858

Comparative legal analysis of responsibility for violations of legislation on taxes and fees as sources of local budget revenues
Lapo S.A. , Sidorov I.V. 941