Issue #1(14) март month 2016 year.

Theory and methodology of spatial development control  All articles in the headings

Main stages of spatial planning of urban development in Russia
Vlasova N.Yu. , Turgel I.D. 7108

Some trends of architectural-planning urban reconfiguration in the post soviet Kazakhstan (in a case of Astana city)
Abilov A.Zh. 1213

Planning in growth paradigm for shrinking areas: unreasonable expectations. The case of Zverevo, Southern Russia
Batunova E. 1065

Management of socio-economic development of municipalities  All articles in the headings

Bodrova Z.A. , Loginov M.P. 1583

Development of large city agglomerations as a factor of investment appeal (on the example of the Big Yekaterinburg project)
Akyulov R.I. , Ogolikhina S.D. 1446

Implementation of public-private partnership projects in federal subjects and municipalities of the Russian Federation
Kolesnikova K.I. , Temnyakov V.V. 3377

State of affairs and perspectives of an increase in Novosibirsk’s investment attractiveness
Chernyakov M.K. , Chernyakova M.M. 1336

Social aspects of the development of the municipality  All articles in the headings

The features of media influence on state policy and local government
Zaitseva Ye.M. 1311

Аnalysis of the independent quality evaluation of cultural organizations on the local government
Sapoznikov E.S. 1504

Actual problems of legal regulation of local self-government  All articles in the headings

Improving the efficiency of property tax administration: the example of territorial authorities of the federal tax service in Sverdlovsk oblast
Kirienko I.S. 942

Main directions in the development of public-private partnership legislation and its application practice
Istomin V.G. 1158

XV All-Russia Forum «Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: Building Alignment through Dialogue»