Issue #3(12) сентябрь month 2015 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 15 October 2015г.

The theoretical basis for the development of municipal economy and local government  All articles in the headings

Theoretical basis of improving of the single-industry area’s institutional system
Pyankova S.G. 4535

Improving the methodological approach to development single-industry towns’ management in Kazakhstan
Bojko L.L. , Leskova L.G. 4682

On state and municipal programs in the system of regional development’s strategic planning
Petrova I.V. 5095

To the development problem of municipal district’s workforce in Vladimir region
Morozova O.V. 4009

Substantiation of ways to increase the attractiveness of municipal service in rural settlements
Gorbova O.Yu. , Rodionova P.A. 8425

Sociology of local communities  All articles in the headings

Problem thinking of Russians at sociological dimension (for example, Magnitogorsk)
Balinskaya N.R. , Zaitseva Ye.M. 2681

Temporal volunteers resources of Russian cities: problems and prospects of management
Ambarova P.A. , Pevnaya M.V. 3981

Features of political orientation of the modern Russian youth (on the example of social studies of political culture of the Magnitogorsk youth)
Zaitseva Ye.M. 4102

Problems of prevention of verbal extremism in municipalities
Gromova N.S. 3298

Actual problems of legal regulation of local self-government  All articles in the headings

The charter of Yekaterinburg in the system of municipal legal acts
Vydrin I.V. 2572

Some problems of providing an effective structure of local government based on principles of constitutionalism
Morozova A.S. 3080

Features of realization of the public authority to the administrative liability of local governments (on the example of municipal authorities in the Sverdlovsk region)
Aliev F.A. , Teplyakov I.I. 3821

Municipal control of police: current status and prospects
Gizdatov A.R. , Gusev A.V. 2124

News of scientific life  All articles in the headings

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