Issue #2(7) июнь month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 01 September 2014г.

The theoretical basis for the development of municipal economy and local government  All articles in the headings

Functionality principle in regulating territorial economic development
Radkovskaya E.V. 4169

The conceptual bases of self-governance financial sources in the Azerbaijan Republic
Khanim O.M. 3537

Conceptual model of leveling institutional gaps of multi profile territories
Pyankova S.G. 4899

Factors affecting the allocation of state support for mono cities development
Ustinov A.Yu. 4813

Territorial brending of a municipal entity: searching cultural symbolic attributes (exemplified by the municipal entity “Pervouralsk city”)
Nikitina A.S. 4693

Economic problems of local self-government  All articles in the headings

Peculiarities of contract system implementation in municipal entities of the RF
Polbitsina L.G. 8872

On efficiency evaluation of the land committee of the city administration (exemplified by the administration of Ekaterinburg city)
Mikhailov A.A. 15302

Implementation peculiarities of a new reward system in health care organizations in rural area of Sverdlovsk region
Voronina L.P. 4184

Education management in accordance with job performance results in municipal comprehensive schools: theoretical and practical aspects
Kirillova Yu.V. , Rezer T.M. 5710

News of scientific life  All articles in the headings

Book review: V.Ya. Lyubovniy “Cities of Russia: alternatives of development and management”. М.: Ekon-inform, 2013. 614 p.
Turgel I.D. 2211