Issue #1(6) март month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 09 June 2014г.

The theoretical basis for the development of municipal economy and local government  All articles in the headings

Interactive models of national, sub-national and local government in a foreign scientific idea of federalism
Peshina E.V. , Strekalova A.A. 7224

Is Russia on the brick of just another reform?
Vydrin I.V. 3468

Cooperation of local self-government and mass-media
Balinskaya N.R. 68200

Theoretical aspects of status responsibility of a municipal servant
Rusinova A.S. 4959

Current trends of socio-economic development of municipalities  All articles in the headings

Intermunicipal cooperation in the RF: experience of an economic-statistical analysis
Turgel I.D. 4975

Methodological recommendations on improving the system of strategic planning of social-economic development of large municipal entities in the RF
Makovkina S.A. 27316

“Municipal standard” as a tool for promotion of investing attractiveness of a municipal entity
Begunova O.V. 6945

Development strategy of consumer markets of big cities: priorities, mechanisms, coordination
Usova N.V. 5681

Socio-economic development of the modern city  All articles in the headings

Development of the Urals cities in XX century
Orudzhiyeva A.G. 7365

Functioning experience of urban non-commercial business-incubators in Russia
Ladigin V.V. 4273

Monitoring of branding effectiveness of higher schools on educational market of the biggest city
Spirina N.A. 2867